Find the Triangle Contest

Each of the 50 IPFW Sculpture with Purpose™ bike racks has a hidden surprise in its design—a triangle. IPFW and Parkview Health invited the community to take part in the Find the Triangle Contest, which ran from May 17 to July 6, 2014.

All the entrants had to do was find the triangle in, on, or near each sculpture, take a photo that included them at the sculpture pointing at the triangle, and then submit that photo at the official entry site. The contest included 50 $100 first prizes.

Entrants could submit one photograph per sculpture, up to 50 total entries (one for each of the 50 sculptures). Any valid entry qualified an entrant to win a first prize! Winners were announced during the Three Rivers Festival Children’s Fest at IPFW, Friday, July 18, 2014.

IPFW Sculpture with Purpose is a new legacy to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Congratulations to the IPFW Find the Triangle Winners!

  • Leandro Almeida
  • Ashish Bajracharya
  • Nisha Shakya Bajracharya
  • Ryan Blauvelt
  • Rhonda Breischaft
  • Brittany Byerley
  • Denise Caldwell
  • Jasmine Caldwell
  • Caroline Chesney
  • Margeaux Corrao
  • Clare Davich
  • Damian Fleming
  • RJ Garcia
  • Tyler Garcia
  • Taylor Goodpaster
  • Natalie Huynh
  • Philip Huynh
  • Hasina Karki
  • Isaac Kaufeld
  • Jennifer Kaufeld
  • John Kaufeld
  • Henry Kelley
  • Ruby Kelley
  • Troy Kelley
  • Don Kiel
  • Jennifer Kiel
  • Kathrine Kiel
  • Becca Koverman
  • Jared Koverman
  • Laura Leichty
  • Teri Luce
  • Joseph McKinley
  • Bryan McMillan
  • Brian Meyer
  • Peggy Meyer
  • Alyssa Miller
  • Amy Miller
  • Brenda Mossbarger
  • Katy Parson
  • Colleen Reimer
  • Trey Richards
  • Branden Shultz
  • Kobi Shultz
  • Kat Snyder
  • Ainsley and Xander Stewart
  • Rachel Taykowski
  • Pat Thompson
  • Rick Till
  • Audrea Tolliver
  • Dunyale Tolliver


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