Enriching Fort Wayne

During its 50th Celebration, IPFW enhanced the visual landscape and increased the vitality of its campus and community. Sculpture with Purpose™—IPFW’s flagship 50th project—enriched Fort Wayne with incredible sculptural bike racks like this one.

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The Dancer

The Dancer

Capturing the grace, beauty, and strength of a dancer, this functional sculpture represents the pure joy of movement. The intertwining of the long curved pieces of metal give the sculpture a sense of such movement, and a suggestion of the dancer's physical form and underlying musculature. The design also interacts with its outdoor setting; the wind flows through the figure, and when the sun shines The Dancer will create intriguing shadows and reflections. An interplay is created between the positive forms and the resulting negative spaces, with the triangle at the base moving up to the circle and inverted isosceles triangle inside the head. The shape also provides support for a bicycle and multiple openings at different heights to facilitate locking up.

Sculpture Details

The Dancer
Grand Wayne Center at 120 West Jefferson Boulevard
Matt Kelly
Parkview Health