Enriching Fort Wayne

During its 50th Celebration, IPFW enhanced the visual landscape and increased the vitality of its campus and community. Sculpture with Purpose™—IPFW’s flagship 50th project—enriched Fort Wayne with incredible sculptural bike racks like this one.

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Silly Straws

Silly Straws

How the artist came up with the idea of this sculpture is going to sound “silly.” At an art fair, a customer of the artist had a drink with a colorful crazy straw that caught the artist’s attention. It popped into her head that it would make a cool pop-art sculpture on a larger scale. This must be where the term "pop art" comes from because it literally “pops” in the landscape. She saved that straw for a couple years until the bike rack idea came to light. Hopefully it inspires everyone’s inner child.

Sculpture Details

Silly Straws
Rhinehart circle on the north side of the IPFW campus
Joan Drizin
Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne
Sculpture Photographer
Gail Herendeen Photography