Enriching Fort Wayne

During its 50th Celebration, IPFW enhanced the visual landscape and increased the vitality of its campus and community. Sculpture with Purpose™—IPFW’s flagship 50th project—enriched Fort Wayne with incredible sculptural bike racks like this one.

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Inspired by the dynamic activity recorded on a “candle-stick” oil traders chart, the overall form of this sculpture creates an undulating wave composed of individual, vertical steel bars and tubes. Just as sponsor Petroleum Traders remains in constant motion as they assess hourly pricing trends of crude oil, the vertical bars of the sculpture will sway in response to the varied forces of the wind. This kinetic sculpture will also be illuminated at night from below, an effect that will highlight its rhythmic movement. Installer - Strebig Construction; Steel Fabrication – PWC Fabrications; Painting – Johns Painting; Lighting – Votaw Electric.

Sculpture Details

Petroleum Traders at 7120 Point Inverness Way
Design Collaborative
Petroleum Traders Corp.