Enriching Fort Wayne

During its 50th Celebration, IPFW enhanced the visual landscape and increased the vitality of its campus and community. Sculpture with Purpose™—IPFW’s flagship 50th project—enriched Fort Wayne with incredible sculptural bike racks like this one.

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I’ll Keep an Eye on It

I’ll Keep an Eye on It

When the artist was a kid, a bike was his ticket to travel all over town. Any time he and his friends stopped at the store for a soda, one of them would inevitably be tasked to stay behind, and “keep an eye” on their prized rides. It is that memory that inspires this sculpture. The large cast-concrete head represents a trustworthy friend keeping watch over your bicycle, which can be locked to any one of the three sturdy metal rings that are securely anchored into the ground. These metal rings represent a series of magnifying glasses through which our large concrete friend is peering. This sturdy bike rack stands on its own as a whimsical, family-friendly work of public art that will bring a smile to the face of anyone who encounters it.

Sculpture Details

I’ll Keep an Eye on It
The Plaza at the Main Branch of the Fort Wayne–Allen County Public Library
David Bibelhauser
Lincoln Financial Group