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IPFW: Celebrating 50 Years, 1964-2014

Enriching Fort Wayne with
Sculptural Bike Racks

For 50 years IPFW has enhanced northeast Indiana’s intellectual, cultural, economic, physical, and creative quality of life by providing and preserving educational and recreational resources for public benefit. During its 50th Celebration, IPFW embarked on the path to permanently enhance the visual landscape of its campus and community.

IPFW Sculpture with Purpose™—IPFW’s flagship 50th Celebration project—enriched Fort Wayne with sculptural bike racks. These 50 sculptures continue to engage the entire community and were installed widely throughout our area, based on sponsorship and visibility. Through innovative designs specifically crafted to accommodate bicycle parking, IPFW Sculpture with Purpose encourages the benefits of cycling while enriching the streets with art for everyone to enjoy. It is a tribute to Fort Wayne’s passion, momentum, and innovative spirit. Sculpture with Purpose is a new legacy to be enjoyed for generations to come.

IPFW and Fort Wayne—Since 1964, moving forward together has defined who we are.


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